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Jessica was recommended to me by a friend after I had injured my lower back in a work-related accident. I had sought help from several different professionals who employed techniques of physical therapy, chiropractic, and active release therapy without much relief. My first visit to Jessica impressed me beyond words as she navigated my injury with a precision I had not yet experienced. Her commitment to my treatment and attention to the detail of my specific injury was remarkable. Jessica went beyond addressing the injury source and relieved crowded and damaged muscle groups that were being affected peripherally, bringing me back to a neutral place I could focus on healing the right pain. Through her erudite physiological understanding, accessible explanations, and commitment to the care of my case, I have made substantial progress in my path to recovery. I lead an extremely active life as a bicycle commuter, to a physical job, with adventuresome recreational pursuits, and the injury was preventing me from pursuing the life I love. Today I am back on my bike, lifting boxes, and climbing and hiking with the same vitality I had before I was put out. I would recommend Jessica’s care to anyone seeking a path to physical comfort, health, and balance. —JC

Bike Against a Yellow Wall

I had an MRI that confirmed 2 herniated discs in my lower back in June 2020. I decided in September to receive 2 steroid injections followed by a 3rd injection in October. This gave me minor relief.....In March 2021 I began seeing Jessica for NMT. I was ecstatic after my first visit. I continued seeing her every 3 or 4 weeks and then decided to commit to more frequent visits. I was scheduled to see an orthopedic surgeon to consult on surgery. I canceled the appointment and started seeing Jessica every 7 -10 days for a couple of months. It is now September surgery and feeling much relief. Jessica is knowledgeable, eager, dedicated, and open to help in any way she knows how. I have had and continue to have with each visit amazing results for other injuries and problems. —Sandi


Jess is good! She has a real feel for the body and can dig out all my stress, tightness, and pain. When I had a sports injury to my shoulder and elbow, her massage and therapy reduced the pain and restored my range of motion. Not only did she work right at the injury, but also on all the parts of the body connected to the injury (and even on muscles I didn’t know I had!). Jess is a great person who will make you feel at ease, answer all your questions, and use her extensive knowledge to root out what ails you. I’d definitely recommend her.  —W.C

What was new for me about the type of work Jessica and I do together is that it is gentler yet more effective than the painful trigger point massage I used to get regularly.  I have less pain and more ease of movement now.   I appreciate that we are a team, and I continue to be amazed at the perceptiveness of Jessica’s touch and her ability to quickly find just the right spot that needs support and treatment. Definitely worth the drive!  —JM, a Retired Physician

I learned about Jess through a masseuse friend. I'd been to Physical Therapy for a very painful and limiting shoulder 'tendonitis' problem... but experienced more pain than progress with PT. Within a couple of sessions with Jess, I noticed considerable relief from pain and measurable mobility and function regained. I'm now 67 and I do still experience occasional twinges from seasonal overexertion (shoveling snow!)  After a few stretches, Jess taught me it never has lingered and I maintain the mobility and flexibility that I regained working with Jess over a year ago. 

—Mary B. Leverett


Jess is a highly skilled and compassionate massage practitioner.   She has helped me resolve many problems ranging from foot injuries, neck pain, and tension and hamstring issues.   Rather than performing a full body massage, she hones in quickly to the areas needing work and has a keen understanding of the body.  She utilizes a variety of different techniques working with the fascia, muscles, and ligaments that yield both immediate and lasting results, often in just a few visits.   Her extensive training allows Jess to offer a unique and individualized treatment.   I highly recommend Jess to anyone struggling with a musculoskeletal problem.   —Michelle K., Physical Therapist



Jess Kern's approach to the whole self is expansive. Her ability to locate the root cause of other underlying symptoms is profound. I feel so blessed to work with the Gold Finch.  Tweet, tweet.  —Tara B., VP of Business Development

Jessica has been my go-to person whenever I have a problem and has always managed to find a way to help me, and when I’m feeling better she gives me exercises that I can do at home. I am doing well because of Jessica. She is always upbeat and encouraging. I can’t recommend her enough. —Kenneth Talan

I find my sessions with Jess to be deeply restorative and functionally useful, which means I can carry the effects of the work into my life in a meaningful way. Her curiosity, skill, hopefulness, and generosity make her a gifted practitioner.  The gentleness and clarity of her work is truly transformative! It is an absolute pleasure working with Jess, and I am grateful to have her as a resource for my clients as well. Thank you, Jess!

F. P., EFT and Feldenkrais Practitioner

Hi Jess,

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

I went for my first *completely*, 100% pain and even discomfort-free run in 2 years this weekend!!!! (Followed by another pain-free one today!) I don't even have words for my gratitude - the work you do is absolute magic! Running is my go-to mental health maintenance tool and I am SO beyond happy to be able to get back to it without pain.

With great flexibility comes great responsibility.

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