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These are a few short homespun videos of some of my favorite go-tos for easing aches and pains on the fly - these are the: ‘what can I do even if I only have 30-60 seconds to spare!’  Scroll Down to view all seven!


You may find you feel surprisingly better after just a few reps, or (ideally) a few minutes and a few more reps.       All these videos (except the 60-minute intro to Fascia Study group) are a few minutes long - short and sweet - and are designed to be little bits of movement ‘fresh air’ to breathe into any day - no matter how full. 


Disclaimer: If you’re not sure if these exercises are for you, please email me with any questions, and of course please consult your physician and or other allied healthcare and wellness practitioners who know you well.

Fascia Study Group:

This hour-long study group is a great introduction to the basics of what we now know about Fascia! (Fascia is a net of Connective tissue in the body that has upwards of 10 times the number of nerve endings as its muscular counterpart according to the literature shared by Dr. Robert Schleipp and others at the Fascia Research Society.)

All hands on neck:

My favorite go to if you’re about to sing (karaoke or choir)…or if you’ve been wearing a mask for a while, or if your neck, shoulders, and jaw feel tight from driving, or sitting still in front of a computer screen for an extended period of time

Pectoral Stretch for neck and Shoulders:

A nice spin on a familiar stretch with a bit of nuance

Foam Roller for Thoracics:

Gentle and effective for helping to restore length after prolonged periods of sitting or studying

Hamstring Stretches for low back health:

This is often a go-to, again especially if you feel the tension in the low back - as with everything here, please work with a trained movement-savvy practitioner if you’re new to this and any of the movement practices I’m sharing here.

Sitting pretty safely:

My personal favorite sitting ‘stand-by’ when I’m called to sit for more time than usual - I’ll often make upwards of 30 adjustments every several minutes and it really helps! It’s as close to walking while being still as I’ve been able to find!

Thoracic Rotations:

A great one to try in conjunction with ‘all hands on neck’ for neck and shoulder health, or, all on its own if you’ve been doing any heavy lifting or prolonged hours in one position cooking or canning; this one is great for alleviating nagging shoulder or neck pain - be sure to compare right before and right after you try it!

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